My Top Five Tips For Aspiring Theater Actors

Just like an author, you need to read. My favorite quote from Stephen King, is if you want to be an author, then read lots. The next step is to write lots. The same applies to acting. Go watch as many theatre plays as you possibly can. Read as many plays as you can find. Go audition to every play you would like to be in. Just be active.

The key is not to be sitting on the sidelines and dreaming of being a superstar. Instead go out there and do everything you can.


So to summarize, the three top tips are:

1. Go watch every play out there
2. Read as many plays as you can get your hands on
3. Go audition and get some actual practice!

The fourth tip is something almost no one else does. Go meet as many people in the industry as possible. Get advice, make friends, and make contacts. This will help you find out about auditions you may never hear of otherwise. It will get you thinking like these poeple do. You’ll also make contacts that can get you parts. The advice alone is worth the effort. Don’t make your own way, leverage other people.

4. Go talk to people

Now, the most difficult for tip number 5.

5. Develop new skills

Go learn something new. It might be accent training, it might be learning a new language. I don’t really care what it is, but go do something new and add it to your repertoire. The more skills you have, the more valuable you become. Find out what kind of skills you need for your dream role. Do you need to be able to sing, then go take singing lessons. Do you need to be able to dance? Well, go take a local dance class. It’s simple stuff. But most people just won’t do it. It’s either just laziness or fear stopping them, but after reading this post, you should be inspired to go out and do something new!

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite tip is, and what you’ll be doing to improve your chances of getting that part you always dreamed off getting.

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